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exercice 2

1st choice for the mise-en-scène (by elementary class CM1) using 1 sequence shot
Tow little girl friends are playing on the stairs at the town hall in the village. A group of kids climb the stairs town and bump into one of the girls. Her friend helps her standing up and assists her with walking back home.

We have built up a technical team including the following :
-A camera man
-a clapperdoard
-a script
-a sound engineer
-a sound man
-a photographer on set
-a film director

We have set a routine for shooting with using cinema dedicated slang , such as :
-Quiet on the set
-take one

We had 2 main actresses (hortens and florence) and the elementary class CM2 was playing the crowd.

2nd choice for the mise-en-scène (by elementary class CM2) using 4 sequence shots
Two kids ( Loan and OLivier) help each other climbing stairs up and meeting a crowd going down . We ‘ve set a routine for shooting , inden tical to the one used by the elementary class CM1. The kids who weren’t part of the technical team and weren’t either the main actors , were building the crowd.
In the morning , we’ve reviewed films extracts involving a group of women(a crowd) facing 2 or 3 characters in an open space. Two main feelings were pointing out from this mise-en-scène

1. The superiority of men ( foremen facing women who were working hard with planding rise). The men wer always shot fron below and the women were always shot bending in the rice fields.
2. Rivalry between 2 women : clos-up on their faces , a women who passes higher up from the other one , etc…

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Exercice 3

Trois groupes différents ont mis en en scène une même situation dans trois sites différents. Sur proposition d’un site par l’intervenante, chaque groupe a conçu une courte séquence mettant en scène l’exclusion, au cours d’un jeu, d’un élève par un groupe.

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