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Team Anyksciai

Domantė Hello. My name is Domantė. I‘m 16 years old. I go to Jonas Biliūnas gimnasium. I attend music school. I play the piano and sing in the choir. On my free time I play volleyball and when I play this game I feel great, I relax and discharge.

GiedriusMy name is Giedrius Gabrielius I am from a small country Lithuania. My hobbies are all sorts of – singing, dancing, hanging out with friends, movies. And I don‘t really have any favourite games. My life is a never ending routine. I do not like computer games because it is a fake, unsocial life 😊


TautvilėHello. My name is Tautvilė. I’m 17 years old girl from Lithuania. I’m shy but friendly. One of my few hobbies is drawing. I think life is a game. Game without rules, and everyone has to play it. If you don’t play, you won’t live. So, think about your strategy and let’s begin.


Miglė My name is Miglė. I am 16 years old. I like traveling very much and I have already been to seven different countries. I hope to travel around the world one day. Also I like spending my free time with friends, reading novels and watching various genres of films. My favourite film is ,,12 years a slave” and my favourite book is ,,Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Brontë. I often play games especially with my cat.

15134454_1237126816333422_95084631_nMy name is Paulius. I’m 16 years old. I really love filming videos and snowboarding with my board. I think game is the best way to pass the time and self-awareness.


Gabrielė Hi, I’m Gabrielė and I‘m 16 years old. I’m from Lithuania, Anykščiai. I’m artistic person. I like music, arts and nature. My favorite game in childhood was hide and see. Now my favorite games are detective and logic games.


Simona Hello. My name is Simona and I am 17 years old. My favorite hobby is to spend time with friends, participate wherever I can and plan events. When I was little I loved playing all kinds of games, but nowdays I also often play games. Different ones, but they still are games to me. My life is my game.


PijusHello, my name is Pijus, I am 15 years old , I like to play drums, draw, film and take photos… I think life is a game.


ŽivilėMy name is Živilė, I love watching films, especially the old ones. That is why I am so interested in film making and acting. Moreover, I like to write poetry and write my thoughts down into my notebook. I like drawing and I love painting. I enjoy being alone and listening to rock.


kristina (2)Hello, my name is Karolina. I am very friendly, I like making new friends. I love spending time with horses and thats why I am a part of a horse riding club here in Anykščiai. I also play violin and my favourite sport is volleyball. Those all hobbies are like a game to me, but the biggest and most challenging game to me is my life.


LinėjaMy name is Linėja, I’m 15 years old. I like to communicate a lot and with everybody. I’m very emocional. I like to die my hair in funny colors because that make my life more colorful. I like to engage in different activities, but often i don’t complete it, because some things gets boring.


KristupasHello, I’m Kristupas. Do I’m the only one in this project from the last year?? As you can see, I do like playing cinema :)

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Les élèves de <<Club de cinéma>> qui avaient pris part à ce projet  nous ont parlé de leurs activités cinématographiques attirantes et cela nous a fascinés. Nous souhaitons savoir plus sur le cinéma,  d’apprendre le créer, y essayer nos forces et notre créativité. On s’intéresse à un bon film et on veut créer un tel.

Anykščiai est une ville formidable pour voir le jeux et d‘y participer.

Nous aimons jouer dans la nature et dans les qutres lieux. Nous pensons qu’une personne ne devrait s’arrêter de jouer à n’importe quel âge.

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