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Screening our film at school! Colegio San Carlos – Argentina

The reencounter of the crew of the cinema workshop after the international meeting was last week. We were feeling a kind of melancholy because the main part of the creative stuff is already done… so we know that we are at the end of this cycle. We couldn’t continue working as usual at our place because we decided immediately to go classroom by classroom showing our “film-essai” to our colleagues and teachers. This was a spontaneous way to start the promotion of our film here, with our people, our city. (A promotion that will be continued through the whole country). After the screenings, we explained to our friends and colleagues more or less the process of create a movie, we answered some questions (especially asked by teachers) and even we had the chance to project the nice moment of our presentation at the French Cinematheque.

Here you are some pictures of that moment of sharing

DSC_4237 DSC_4242 DSC_4245 DSC_4246 DSC_4248 DSC_4251 DSC_4256 DSC_4257 DSC_4263 DSC_4265 DSC_4268 DSC_4278 DSC_4280 DSC_4281 DSC_4284 DSC_4285 DSC_4287 DSC_4291 DSC_4293 DSC_4295 DSC_4296 DSC_4297 DSC_4299 DSC_4300 DSC_4301 DSC_4303 DSC_4306 DSC_4318 DSC_4321 DSC_4324

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Tournage des dernières plans au bord du la rivière.

Vous n’allez pas le croire mais… on a obtenu un hélicoptère pour faire des plans en hauteur.

Voici les preuves !

DSC_0972DSC_0939DSC_0952DSC_0944  DSC_0997DSC_1018DSC_1047DSC_5381

Très bels moment de la fin du tournage, déjà inoubliables pour tous nous.

A tout à l’heure !  On se verra à Paris !

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Quatrième jour de tournage (Colegio San Carlos – Argentina)

Le quatrième jour de tournage était dans un supermarché de la ville qui nous a reçus très chaleureusement. Ce jour-là était très gris et, vu que nous avions filmé toutes les séquences du film avec beaucoup de soleil, nous avons décidé de changer une séquence importante. Malgré les changements nous avons gardé l’essence et l’articulation de l´histoire. Ça a été un peu compliqué filmer avec les clients tout en direct. Surtout parce que, délibérément,  nous n’avions pas un scenario à suivre (sauf un fil de base) ; Nous avons décidé de filmer spontanément. Nous étions nombreux à l’intérieur du supermarché, il y avait des gens invité pour participer au tournage, nous étions comme une grande famille ! Malgré la complexité de l’organisation, nous avons réussi à créer un moment d’harmonie très très agréable.

DSC_0897DSC_0780DSC_0827 DSC_0907

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Troisième journée de tournage. L’équipe d’après-midi.

A few days ago, we finished recording another two scenes for the short film. We had to go to the Campo de la Gloria, a park that’s close to the Rio Paraná which has a lot of historical background. Anyways, we gathered on the park on the afternoon (between 2 to 4 PM, If my memory is not that bad.), bringing all the equipment and clothes for the next scene. The only problem that we had was the wind. It was a pretty windy day, so the microphone ended up recording the wind rather than the actor’s voice. The other trouble that it caused was that the actors were freezing too.  Since it’s autumn/almost winter over here, the wind was colder than anything else, and our performers were wearing clothes normally used during the summer; Short sleeved shirts, shorts, no jackets or anything.


dialogo 2 dialogo

Luckly, the wind stopped blowing after a while, so we were able to record the scene and then move to the next one. Minutes before starting to record the first scene, though, a van pulled up. It was from a local radio, and they were heading back to their studio when they saw us. Since we were about to start recording, they asked for an interview if that wasn’t of any annoyance. We agreed and talked about the project. It was slightly improvised but it worked out.

We recorded the second scene in a skate park, created in memory of a teenager who died while practicing skateboarding years ago.  Some guys were there, but they had no trouble with us recording there. They were pretty chill with it. One of the crew members (If we can call ourselves a crew) brought a shopping cart, and we did something slightly dangerous; record the main actors ‘playing’ with the shopping cart. One of them inside of it, the other one pushing it around and through the ramps. It was fun, but the actress fell and accidentally hurted her knee. Luckly, nothing else happened after that.

ludmi+juan+carritosecuencia carrito 1

After that, I am not sure what happened.

ludmi+juan+carrito2secuencia carrito 0

I had to leave due to some stuff related to my family, but I think they kept recording a few more takes before leaving too.

secuencia carrito 1csecuencia carrito 2

Franco Padovani

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Troisième journée de tournage. L’équipe de matin.

En raison de l’scénario  qu’on a écrit, dans le matin du troisième journée de tournage on a filmé une recréation dans une vraie recréation dans l’école. Même qu’on a essayé d’organiser l’espace et le temps (seulement 15 minutes pour faire les prises)  avec le reste des élèves, on a voulu trouver l’spontanéité de ce moment. Effectivement  il y a eu quelques moments de réelle spontanéité et ça a arrivé quand les élèves ne savaient pas (ou quand ils avaient oublié) que nous étions derrière la caméra à la chasse.

0patio 220170426_102007

0patio 120170426_101947

Tout de suite on a regardé les prises dans le SUM (notre espace de projections et travail).

1 pruebas 001 pruebas 5b1 pruebas 0001 pruebas 1b1 pruebas 21 pruebas 0


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Luisina’s commentaries about second day of shooting

Lights, camera, action!
Hi everyone! Luisina’s writing. Today we worked on the first part of our short film. We started filming the first scene in one of the classrooms, we had the participation of some teachers that accepted to help us acting and it was so fun! They made such a good job!
The second scene was filmed in another classroom, that was my time to shine (just kidding) I acted as Ludmila’s friend, and i found it so funny. We filmed two diferents shot of the same scene, so at the moment of editing, we choose which one is betterIt took a lot of time (we started at 8:30) but it was okay because we didn’t have classes.
We had a short break to have lunch, and unfortunately it started to rain. But that didn’t stop us!
When we were closed to finished, i had the opportunity to film with a (kind of) steady cam! It’s so cool because is a different way to film and i loved it. We made amazing takes!
During the journey i was the assistant of direction too. I really enjoyed it!
I’m so glad to participate in this experience, is something that i had never imagined to happen!
Luisina Duacastella
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Filming & rushes (I)

So, I guess I have to introduce myself/ourselves.


We are the cinema group from Argentina, and it was our first time doing it. The first time any Argentinian group took part of the event. And the past Friday, on April 14th, we started to record one of the scenes that will be included in our short film. After days of talking and trying to organise ourselves, we finally started to film it.

20170414_141740 20170414_161025

We spent six and a half hours recording, but only four to five minutes would be shown on the film after going through the editing process, which sounds a little bit crazy, but it was fun anyway. We recorded this first scene in one of the crew’s house. Brought the camera and all the equipment, put everything in place and started to record. We spent time inside and outside the house, had a short break for lunch, tons of stuff. We also used different shots and tried to record from different places, until we finally did it.

vlcsnap-2017-04-16-00h10m53s743 vlcsnap-2017-04-16-00h09m37s199

I personally found it funny. It was a rather unique experience in which, even when we all knew that this was going to be shared in France and it was a ‘serious’ thing, we kept doing jokes or made fun of different situations. I even became friends with one of the actors which I found unexpected but great. And we are just getting started.


This is more than just a film, if you think about it. Of course, the main goal is to create a short film, but it means more for us than that. It’s something that we put effort in, something that we took time and space to create and that we decide to share with different people across the world. It’s our way to contribute to this project, just like the rest of the countries that are taking part of this, too.

Me and the rest of the group are happy for having the chance to participate on this. And we are going to keep filming soon.

Franco Padovani

Watching the rushes

DSC_0729 DSC_0733 DSC_0737 DSC_0750


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Ejercicios 2 y 3 del Colegio San Carlos

De nuestros ejercicios podemos decir que se armaron tres grupos para la realización de ellos:

En quant à nos exercices nous pouvons dire qu’ il y a eu trois groupes :


En el primer grupo, Luisina y Ludmila actuaron, agustín grabó, Camila dirigió el ejercicio y la otra Camila asistió e hizo fotos del momento de rodaje.

Groupe 1, exercice 2 : Luisina et Ludmila ont fait la partie des comédiennes, Agustín il a enregistré l’image, Camila a fait la réalisation et l’autre Camila a fait photos du tournage comme l’assistance général. 

15 16 17


En el segundo grupo, Angélica tomó el mando de este nuevo ejercicio 2, Francina y Oriana actuaron, y Agustina y Franco asistieron a la grabación de las escenas.

Groupe 2, exercice 2 : Angélica a été la réalisatrice, Francina et Oriana les comédiennes, et Agustina a été la opératrice de camera et Franco son assistent.  





Al ejercicio 3 lo actuaron Julieta y Joselyn, Agustina hizo de camarógrafa y Juan lo dirigió.

Groupe 3, Exercice 3 : Juan a dirigé, Agustina a fait la prise d’images et Joselyn et Julieta, les comédiennes.

20 21 222324



En los encuentros siguientes comparamos cada plano y valoramos e resultado final. Con estos sencillos ejercicios pudimos realmente entender el proceso de narrar una escena, pero por sobre todo, al ver correr los planos uno detrás del otro, sentir la magia del cine.

Nous avons analysé ensemble chaque plan pour le montage et après nous avons évalué le résultat. Avec ces très simples exercices nous avons pu comprendre vraiment le procès de narrer une scène, une chose complétement nouveau pour nous. Mais spécialement, en voyant un plan passer derrière l’autre, sentir la magie du cinéma.



Y pudimos ver algunos de los ejercicios de ustedes !

Et nous avons vu quelques de vos exercices !

30b 31 32 33 34 35 36


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Fragmentos de películas vistos, Colegio San Carlos

Hola a todos! Antes de pasar a la realización del cortometraje nos gustaría actualizar este espacio y compartir con ustedes algunos momentos de los fragmentos vistos y analizados en clase.

Bonjour à tous, nous sommes prêts à commencer la réalisation du court métrage, mais maintenant nous voulons mettre au jour les publications du blog. Nous voudrions partager avec vous  quelques moments des extraits que nous avons vus et parlés dans la classe.

1DSC_9682b 3 3b 5 7 8 9 9b


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Premiers essais, Atelier Colegio San Carlos

Exercice 1, premiers essais

EJ1 Ej2  EJ3 EJ4

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