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Behind the scenes day 3

On the third day of our filming in Milow, we filmed the last necessary indoor- scenes; a walk aroud the house and a night scene in the girls room which was quite complicated because we had to get the whole room dark. Two of us also filmed the bug- scenes which was ugly  but also fascinating, in a way.


After that we got out again and walked around in Milow to find some places where our main characters could get  to know each other.


For the rest of the day we got back to the mountain, the most  beautiful backcloth to film in front of in Milow, if you ask me. We stayed there until it was too dark to film and then got back to the youth hostel.

mde  IMG_20170402_002004_011


Arriving there, some of us had already prepared a campfire and for the rest of the night we were able to relax, talk a bit and burn some Marshmallows and not be able to eat them.


Later that night it turned April 1st. So we had to fulfill our duty to do some April fools to our teachers. We taped their doors  and disappeared quietly giggling. But don´t be upset, the next morning we got the revenge and got hit by our own tapes in the shape of balls.

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First Shooting Day

March 31th

On the first day, we split in two groups in the morning. The one group went down in the cellar to shoot the first scenes with Isabella and the ball, while the second group stayed upstairs and thought about any more ideas for the following scenes.

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The first shootings, while Mr. Etter and Anton did the sound and Hannah the camera.

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We took the next shot, where Isabella gets to know Lea, in front of the house.

Felix and Lizanne did the sound this time, and Anton the camera.

The weather was very good, so everyone could be without a jacket.

3caae52f-b711-482e-ba33-63bb3638d928 d85b85db-e51f-44c5-b311-d8d7f19639ca

And when the scenes were shot, we could just relax in the sun for a moment, like Mr. Etter or Mrs. Krewani.

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Later, we went to the forrest under the mountain, and Lukas recorded Lea and Isi walking up and playing with the ball.

Lukas and Mr. Etter trying out some new filming-techniques.

And when the whole filmcrew finally arrived on the top, the view and sunset was just amazing, so we decided to stay until it’s dark.

4ad99778-3e23-4fb1-88b1-c11a40cd5a94        1134afb9-726f-474b-8f66-15db631b9b72

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Behind the scenes day 1

IMG-20170501-WA0027         IMG-20170501-WA0008 

Thursday afternoon instead of going home, we got on the train and bus to Milow. Milow is a village near Berlin (78 Kilometers away) where we spend four long, exhausting and fun days to film.


After the long trip we arrived and were all very glad that our hostel had wifi.

We were in the mood to move and play like the charakters of our film. Checking out our surroundings was a lot of fun.


… especially with a beautiful landscape like this. And as you can see in the pictures we all got along very well and enjoyed ourselfes. Because it was our first night in Milow, we didn´t film but we searched for nice places like the one you see above to shoot. It was very inspiring and we were eager to start shooting the next day.

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Shooting of our third exercise

image1 image7

(Anton, Luise, Mr. Etter, Nikola, Paula)


We split in two groups, while the one group created dizziness by a rotary disk and the other one improvised and used their bottle.

The first group, Anton, Nikola, Luise and Paula, planed a whole plot and improvised only the details. The camera was directed by Luise.

image5 image10
Here you can see Mr. Etter helping us out. Also Mrs. Krewani had many tips and tricks for us.

image6 image9

(Jenny, Lizanne, Lea and Lukas)

The second group, meaning Hannah, Jenny, Lukas, Lea and Lizanne, had the idea of using a bottle in class, but when they went to the park, they improvised the rest of their story. Lukas was the camera man in this group.

Both groups met two times in the Gleisdreieck Park, so everything would be included and improved.

Although it was very cold everybody had fun and learned a lot new about cameras, filming, directing a movie and how to act in front of the camera.


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Notre présentation

my name is Felix and I am born in the capital of Germany, Berlin. The biggest hobby of mine is the guitar. I am playing for more than 12 years now and after all these years, I could not live without it. Besides my musical addiction I am very much into Star Wars. I like to read books about it, playing PC games in this universe and once a month playing Pen and Paper -or Tabletop- games together. DSC00414

Hello, my name is Hannah. I am 16 years old and i was born in South Africa. I used to play board games a lot but now i really like playing cards because there is a variety of simple games you can play with them.



Salut à tous, je m’appelle Jenny et j’ai 17 ans.                                                                        Depuis 8 ans je joue de la flûte traversière. Autrement, j’aime énormément passer du temps avec mes amis. Quand j’étais plus jeune, j’adorais jouer dehors, dans les parcs ou les terrains de jeux. Souvent, je jouais aux Lego avec ma sœur et mes cousin(e)s.





Hey everyone, I’m Anton and 16 years old.

In my free-time I often take photos with analogue cameras so naturally, I also got interested in filmmaking.

Apart from that, I spend my remaining time skating, meeting friends or making music.

My favourite game is the boardgame « Backgammon » which I often play with friends on holiday  when there’s no internet connection around. Sometimes I like to have a game of sixty-six too, an Austrian card game requiring some kind of special cards.IMG-20161213-WA0007





My name is Paula and I live in the west of Berlin.

In my freetime I play tennis and the piano, but I also enjoy to go for a walk with my dog or to meet friends.

Furthermore I’m very interested in movies, series and photography and I really like to spend time on it, for example taking pictures of my dog, nature or Berlin.

Besides playing tennis and piano, I really like to play with my dog because she’s very cute and always wants to learn something new or just playing board, quiz or card games, for example “Trivial Pursuit“.




Hi I’m Lukas 16 years old.

I don’t want to tell to much about my hobbies because I  think it wouldn’t be very interesting for you but I have to. I play fistball (google it if you don’t know what it is), the guitar and I’m dancing HipHop.

I’m a very creative person; I like to draw/paint, am interested in fashion and like to work with illustration programms.

But I’m not only into creativity and all this stuff…

I’m interested in commedy and satire too.

What about games? Some months ago I would have told you defnetly the name of a computer game but today I have no much time left for that.

Yeah thats a little bit about me nothing important but you have to deal with it. ;pIMG_1644

Hey everyone,
I’m Lea and I am 15 years old.
  I go to the 11th grade. When I was a little child, I loved to play with dolls and barbies or to go outside and play in the nature. My little brother and I played cowboys or star wars or we built huge Lego houses. In my free time, I like to go sailing with my father, to draw and design, for example clothes or bags.  I also play drama at school and table games with my family.




My name is Luise and I live in Berlin. In my free time I take a lot of photos, especially of clouds and nature and my two cats. They´re so cute sometimes and take silly poses, so I can´t resist. I read a lot and my room is full of books. And I used to dance Zumba but I get out of school too late, so I had to stop for now. As a child we used to play a lot of card games and “Phase 10” and “UNO” are still my favorite games. I also love “Mensch ärgere dich nicht” (Trouble) but I used to have so much luck and won all the time that my family and friends won´t play with me anymore.




My name is Isabella and I’m 16 years old. In my freetime I play the guitarre and tennis. When I was younger I used to play some board games, like « Mensch ärgere dich nicht » with my sister in the car. But I do not play these games anymore because I don’t have anytime and nobody wants to play it with me.




Hi everyone!

My Name is Nikola and I am 17 years old. My hobbies are doing sports, meeting friends, drawing, reading, writing and taking photos. My favourite games to play with friends are werewolf and sometimes lasertag or other games, especially „Monopoly“. I am at the Katholische Schule Liebfrauen in the 11th grade and my main subjects are German and Arts.




My Name is Lizanne and I`m 16 years old. In my freetime I play the drums in a band but that´s all playing I do these days. When I was younger I liked to play games like hide and seek but also Card games like Skip-Bo or Phase 10. Today I rarely have time for things like that but I still  like it to sit down with Family or friends and play a good game.


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