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My name is Andreja. I live in Kaisiadorys, small town between two biggest cities in Lithuania. I’m seventeen years old. Switched school this year. I go to Ziezmariu Gymnasium. I love everything about movies. My favorite situations are when a random stranger starts talking with me, or an old lady tells me something while sitting with me in the bus, also when I get all excited talking with my crush, I also love playing with kids. My most unwanted situations are when I run out of things to say to someone and then they don’t try to change the subject or ask me something and then it gets all awkward, also I hate situations when teachers try to talk about my personal stuff.

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Hi, my name is Rugilė and I’m 17 years old. Sometimes it’s hard to explain or understand who I am, but I like watching the world and discovering myself in it.I like the situation when you feel a connection  with a person. Whether it’s your close friend or an unfamiliar companion. And you don’t really need to talk a lot or do something special. Just a simple  moment between people.

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Hi I’m Rimantė. I’m 17 years old. I study in Algirdas Brazauskas Gymnasium Kaišiadorys, Lithuania. I travel with my friends or family. And it’s even better if it happens spontaneously. Someone says let’s go somewhere and I’m more happy to do so.

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My name is Agne, I’m 17 years old. My favourite situation is to meet a friend or a relative, who brings totally unexpected, but pleasant news.

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My name is Austeja I live in Lithuania, Kaisiadorys. I am 17 year old. I go to Algirdas Brazauskas gymnasium. Situation that I do not like is when people are late.

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My name is Dovilė Suslavičiūtė. I’m 15 years old, I’m in my grade, I live and study in Kaišiadorys. I like the situation when someone asks me to take a picture of them. But the situation I do not like when a car carelessly drives through the puddle and it splashes me.

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My name is Greta. I live in Lithuania, Kaisiadorys. I’m 17 years old. I’m studying to Algirdas Brazauskas gymnasium. Situation that I don’t like is when you are walking with a friend and then you say bye to her/him, but then you realize that both of you are going in the same direction, I don’t like it just because it feels very awkward.


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My name is Evelina Rakauskaitė. I’m 15 years old. I live in Kaišiadorys, Im studying at Algirdas Brazauskas gymnasium ninth grade. I don’t like a situation in which I’m being


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My name is Gabija Kašelionytė. I’m 15 years old. I’m studying at A. Brazauskas gymnasium, I fg class. I’m living at Kalvis village. I do not like situations when we meet you at a meeting 

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