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I’m Paulina, 16 years old with blonde hair. I’ve always loved everything about movies since I was a little girl. I could delay my first date to watch a good movie in bed and I wouldn’t regret it. In the future I see myslef in the movie industry, mostly in acting. I love the quote « Dreams come true », because there’s nothing you can’t do. I don’t like situations where when I eat popcorn, then make the sound with my teeth while eating and that’s why I don’t hear what the actors are talking about in the movies, but I love situations where I can do pranks on people and then laugh it off out of that person’s reaction.

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Hello, I’m Kamile, 17 years old. I study at Algirdas Brazauskas gymnasium. In my free time, I love to read books in an unusual places like parks, train stations ect. The situation I really do not like it when I’m thinking about food when I’m at home. I am happy when my friend’s friends are with me.

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Hey, I’m Viktorija. I love nature, reading books and daydreaming. I think the most beautiful situation is when I see old couples together.

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