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Atelier 29th November 2017

Today the meetings went great! Unexpectedly, the fragment that the students enjoyed best was the one with Sophia Loren and John Wayne. We watched one of the extracts without image, only with sound. The extract was Une partie de campagne, part 1. They gave a lot of propositions and they had various interesting guesses, so they were very surprised to finally see what was really happening.                                                                                                Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                  The Teacher Dani


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Neophyte Rilski School in Dermantsi

We are a group of 11- to 14-year-old students from the country who gave the world the rose oil,  Cyrillic  alphabet, the bacteria Lactobacillus Bulgaricus and the first space food – Bulgaria. Sounds eclectic,right? So we are – colorful, diverse and too ambiguous to describe. We study at « Neophyte Rilski » School in the small but really beautiful village of Dermantsi. Yes, our village is quite small, but our dreams are very big. Sometimes we dream in pictures, even in motion pictures. And because cinema is the ultimate connector of times and spaces, we believe we have a lot to show to this big mad world.

We know that cinema is an endless journey, so we put our courage, motivation and artistic experience in our backpacks and we are so ready to entertain the audience. We are dreaming of а bigger platform to share our cinematic adventure. The place where we live is indescribably beautiful. We are surrounded by magnificent landscapes in the Canyon of Vit River, which many filmmakers have already shot … That’s why the stories we want to bequeath are a mirror of our world, of our dreams and longings … Bulgarian novelist once said – “ а man is like a sentence, which is  written with great love and inspiration, but it’s full with spelling mistakes”. Art is like a mirror in which you can look in and see yourself differently, without those mistakes…


18 Group with Teacher 1_smallThe class with its teacher Dani


1 Alberto_ 12_smallAlberto

3 Letisia_ 12_smallLetisia

4 Ralitza_ 13_smallRalitza

5 Vanesa_ 12_smallVanesa

6 Melinda_ 12_smallMelinda

7 Hristiyan_ 13_smallHristiyan

8 Nikoleta_ 12_smallNikoleta

9 Miroslav M_ 13_smallMiroslav M

10 Preslava_ 13_smallPreslava

11 Radosveta_ 12_smallRadosveta

12 Renato_ 13_smallRenato

13 Momchil_ 11_smallMomchil

14 Irina_ 11_smallIrina

15 Alexandra_ 13_smallAlexandra

16 Dafin_ 11_small Dafin

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