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Tournage Jour 3

The first group met at a rooftop terrace, which belonged to our main actress’s dad’s workplace and he kindly granted us the possibility to shoot there. The terrace was an amazing location, given that we had a breathtaking view from up high over Berlin.

Team one met at 12 a.m. (so we got to sleep in) and soon after, started filming our two protagonists, Teresa and Charlotte, enjoying themselves and messing around. We used this opportunity to establish their relationship and intimate friendship. That day, we managed to capture some great sensations. We experimented with close-ups of the food we brought along, and filming the wind playing in Teresa’s hair. Of course, we also made use of the great view and ended up with some nice footage of that incredible location. We also played around with the idea of translating that sense of hight into pictures. The rooftop shoot was good fun and we rewarded ourselves with some pizza afterwards!

A couple of people also sat down to look through all the footage we already had, so that we could get an idea of what kind of scenes were still needed in order to tell our story the way we wanted to. Watching what we had already done, also helped to figure out at what places we might need to include some more sensations, seeing as this is the overaching theme.

Another small team walked around down on the street and tried to find some more impressions and sensations.

The second group met up at 4 p.m. at the same location we had already filmed at the previous day (the one with the toilet). After having looked through all of the footage, we knew that we had to shoot a few more scenes there. Hence, the second group tried to capture some more impressions of their surroundings and filmed Teresa leaving the toilet and running out of the club, so that the transition to the next scene outside would be smoother. That day, it didn’t get quite as late as on Friday and we were able to wrap it up at about 7 p.m.

All in all, filming was heaps of fun and we all had a great experience. We especially enjoyed experimenting with what could be done and playing around with the camera and capturing all sorts of different pictures. It was very interesting to see how emotions and sensations could be conveyed through the medium film and we got a lot out of these three days!

Now, we can’t wait to see the final result! Even though, unfortunately, we will probably not be able to present our finished movie in Paris (due to the pandemic), we still hope that you are as excited to finally see all the films of every school as we are! We’re looking forward to it! 1024w, 300w, 768w | (max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px 1024w, 300w, 768w | (max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px 1024w, 300w, 768w | (max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px

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Tournage Jour 2

Friday was the second day of shooting. It started at 12 am in the apartment of one of the main actresses. A smaller team worked there together on the first film scenes. The main location was just the kitchen, with the stove playing a special role. After many recordings, cooking mountains of spaghetti and a lot of past time, a good recording was made and we filmed sensory perceptions that were particularly important and striking in this scene. There was a lot of experimentation so that the kitchen was in a mess and looked as if it had been turned upside down. There was a lot to laugh about and shooting these scenes was both exhausting but also fun for the whole team. However, we had to clear up the mess afterwards :/. When all the shots for the place were filmed and we were relieved that things went well over time, we ate the spaghetti together and the plan for the rest of the day was discussed. 576w, 169w, 750w | (max-width: 356px) 100vw, 356px 1024w, 300w, 768w | (max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px

After a failed and much too stressful subway shoot, we ran to our teacher who was already waiting at the raw area. There the way to the party should be recorded. After we felt like walking down the same stairs 30 times to shoot this for the way to the party, we started to freeze slowly. But it was just the beginning. Next the scene in front of the club was shot from a Million perspectives. Everybody in our course- except the cameraman- had to stand in front oft he lens because we had to make it look like an open and lively club, which of course was not the case in reality. After that everybody thought “now it`s only the final scene“, because it was already 8 o`clock pm. But then the teachers gave us a new task: We had to record some sensory perceptions of the area – it was bitter cold… And also during the shooting of the final scene it didn`t get warmer.
After we finished filming all the group scenes and impressions at the raw-space we decided to start filming the end scene of our movie. We picked a small group for this since it was already really dark and cold outside. In the end-scene one of the main characters had to sit outside in the cold, without a jacket. Obviously she was freezing so we even had a blanket-person on our team who started throwing a blanket around her every time the camera was turned off. Even though this shoot was definitely exhausting, it was really fun at the same time and we were all laughing a lot. After we finished shooting the end-scene we warmed up in a cafe for a bit and then a small group went to the train to shoot a train-scene. At this point it was almost midnight and we were all tired and cold but we still tried to make the best out of it and I think it worked out pretty good. Afterwards I think we all just went home and fell asleep right away. 1024w, 300w, 768w, 1600w | (max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px 1024w, 300w, 768w, 1600w | (max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px


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Tournage Jour 1

We met at school on Thursday, March 12th at 10:00 a.m. to plan our shoot. First we got the script and made the last changes. We also discussed when and where we wanted to shoot and then created a shooting schedule for who would do what for the day.

Afterwards we did a casting with various acting exercises to choose the most suitable actors for the film. Our choice ultimately fell on Teresa and Charlotte, but the other candidates also got a small supporting role and they are seen as friends in the film.
In order to finally start shooting, we divided ourselves into two groups. One group immediately drove to a youth club to shoot our key scene on the club toilet, while a smaller second group explored the area nearby to find places that would be suitable for the last scene.

The toilet is reminiscent of the typical Berlin club scene and thus fits well into our film, which is about young Berliners who like to party in the clubs and bars of Berlin. The toilet has great relevance for our film, because here, the turning point takes place with the disappointment of our protagonist. We chose this place because toilets are mainly associated with disgust. It is dark and dirty and forms a perfect contrast to the idyllic situation on the beautiful, sunny outdoor roof terrace, as well as to the cosy apartment kitchen. To illustrate Teresa’s feelings after the disappointing response on the toilet, the sensations we filmed in this place help us. As mesy and chaotic as the club’s toilet looks, Teresa’s thoughts and feelings are also uncertain and in emotional chaos.
At 7:00 p.m. the whole team met again in the youth club, where we were until 9:00 p.m. to discuss our next shooting days with Mr. Etter and Mrs. Krewani.


Wir haben uns am Donnerstag, den 12.3.20, um 10 Uhr in der Schule getroffen um unseren Dreh zu planen. Zuerst haben wir das Drehbuch bekommen und an diesem noch letzte Änderungen vorgenommen. Außerdem haben wir besprochen, wann und wo wir drehen möchten und dann einen Drehplan erstellt, wer welche Aufgabe für den Drehtag übernimmt.

Anschließend haben wir ein Casting mit verschiedenen schauspielerischen Übungen gemacht, um die geeignetsten Schauspieler für den Film zu wählen. Unsere Wahl ist schließlich auf Teresa und Charlotte gefallen, wobei die anderen Kandidaten ebenfalls alle eine kleine Nebenrolle bekommen haben und als Freunde im Film zu sehen sind.
Um dann endlich mit dem Dreh beginnen zu können, haben wir uns in zwei Gruppen eingeteilt. Eine Gruppe ist sofort zur erstem Drehort, der Toilette eines Jugendtreffs, gefahren, um unsere Schlüsselszene auf der Clubtoilette zu drehen, während eine kleinere zweite Gruppe die Umgebung erkundet hat, um Orte zu finden, die geeignet wären für die letzte Szene. Die Toilette erinnert an die typische Berliner Clubszene und passt damit auch gut in unseren Film, bei dem es um Jugendliche Berliner, die gerne in Berliner Clubs und Bars feiern geht. Die Toilette hat große Relevanz für unseren Film, da hier mit der Enttäuschung unserer Protagonistin auch der Wendepunkt stattfindet. Wir haben diesen Ort gewählt, weil man Toiletten vor allem mit Ekel verbindet. Sie ist schmutzig, dunkel, verdreckt und stickig und bildet einen perfekten Kontrast zur idyllischen Situation auf der schönen, sonnigen Dachterrasse im Freien, sowie zu der gemütlichen Wohnungsküche. Um Teresas Gefühlslage nach der enttäuschenden Antwort auf der Toilette zu verdeutlichen, helfen uns die Empfindungen die wir an diesem Ort gedreht haben. So zerstört und unordentlich wie die Toilette des Clubs aussieht sind quasi auch Teresas Gedanken und Gefühle.

Um 19 Uhr hat sich dann das ganze Team in dem Jugendtreff wiedergetroffen, wo wir bis 21 Uhr waren um noch unsere nächsten Drehtage mit Herrn Etter und Frau Krewani zu besprechen. 1024w, 300w, 768w, 1600w | (max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px 732w, 150w, 300w | (max-width: 732px) 100vw, 732px

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Présentation Katholische Schule Liebfrauen

Minutes Lumière  „mon endroit“

Minutes Lumière


Hey! I´m Rachel and I´m 16 years old. The times I spend with my friends are the moments I associate with my best memories. That´s why i chose a video where I´m hanging out with my friends to give you a good insight into my life. I really like watching short edited videos to inspire myself so i chose to join the movie course to may learn a lot about filming. Also I hope to gain good experiences and have a great time during the project :D .


Hello, my name is Elena and I´m 16 years old. I have chosen this video because it shows an everyday situation of students and teachers. Only if you look carefully you realize how many students there are and that the queue seems to be so long, as if it never ends. I have chosen this course because I am interested in films, especially producing films by myself.


I am Johann and I am sixteen years old. The Berlin Olympic Stadium is a place I like very much. I live near the Olympic Stadium, which is the stadium of the German Bundesliga club Hertha BSC. I like to go to home matches with my father, because I am a big fan and the atmosphere is always great.


Hi, My Name is Heinrich Hering. I am 16 years old and I go to the « Katholische-Schule-Liebfrauen » My hobbies are playing table tennis, building things consisting of wood or metal and other activities. In my video you can see some boys eating a typical Berlin fast food: Kebap. I chose this video because I think Kebapis a part of Berlin.

Salut, Je m’appelle Heinrich Hering. J’ai 16 ans et je vais à la « katholische-Schule-Liebfrauen. Mes hobbies sont de jouer au tennis de table, de construire des objets en bois ou en métal et d’autres activités. Dans ma vidéo, vous pouvez voir des garçons en train de manger un fast-food typiquement berlinois: le Kebap. J’ai choisi cette vidéo parce que je pense que Kebap est une partie de Berlin.


Hello everyone, my name is Marianthi and I’m interested in art generally, but of course this includes filmmaking. The process is highly fascinating to me, the idea of everyone working together on different parts of this big project towards one final goal. I personally enjoy films that focus on aesthetics and are visually pleasing as well as entertaining, which is why I picked this clip for you. In my freetime, I like to paint, read, and write.


Hello, my name is Anna Delphine, I’m 16 years old and live in Berlin. I joined the movie class because I wanted to learn about moviemaking. In my free time I do yoga and hang out with friends. I chose this video of my friends talking about their favorite movies because for me watching movies is a way to connect to my friends, to share interests and to spend time together.


Hi, I’m Charlotte. This video was taken in a bar/cafe which we call Jotze“. I have only known this place for a couple of months but it has become very important to me. My friends and I hang out there quite often (a few  times a week) and it`s always very fun and overall just a nice place to relax and not think about school for once!


Salut! Je m’appelle Merle et j’habite à Berlin en Allemagne. Comme les autres de ce groupe de projet, je vais à l’école catholique Liebfrauen. Mes matières préférées sont le français et la biologie. J’ai choisi ce course parce que j’aime beaucoup les films ainsi que d’autres formes d’art. Je m’intéresse à la production professionnelle de films et de vidéos et j’espère que dans ce cours, j’apprendrai beaucoup de nouvelles choses. =) Sur le vidéo: Ici, vous pouvez voir un café ou kiosque dans le quartier où j‘habite. J’aime l’ambiance dans la vidéo.


Salut, je m’appelle Mia et j’ai 17 ans. Ici vous pouvez regarder mon film, qui est modelé après les frères Lumière. On peut voir la place du marché où je suis presque tous les jours parce que j’y habite. J’apprécie vraiment ce course parce que j’aime faire des films et j’ai hâte d’essayer d’agir aussi. Mes hobbies sont l’équitation, la danse du ventre et j’adore faire de l’art.


My name is Benjamin and I am 15 years old. This short clip was shoot between two lanes  of each side of a highway. I choose this location, because of its unique perspective. Normally you cant be on the middle lane of a busy highway. Everyday on my way to school, I cross this road.


Hello, I grew up in Berlin and always enjoyed its unique looks. This was filmed at the ´Friedrichstraße´ train station, witch has my favorite topshot in berlin, because of the 3 levels on one staircase. I’m interested in the creative aspect of a movie or sketch, so I’m looking forward to share some inspiration. Johannes Potzi


Hey everyone! My name is Teresa Kaup, I am 15 years old and currently attending the 11th grade at Katholische Schule Liebfrauen. I took this video of the train, that i take everyday, on my way home from school. Other than school I associate many parts of my daily life with public transportation, like my weekly drawing course, going to the gym, babysitting or meeting up with friends in my free time. I chose to film this situation, because i like how you can really experience the diversity of Berlin and it´s people, by simply taking the subway. I´m very interested in all forms of art, especially drawing, design and film, which is why I chose this class in the first place.


Je m’appelle Cosima. J’ai 16 ans et je suis actuellement en 11e année. J’ai choisi ce cours parce que je suis très intéressé par les films et leur production et j’aime aussi regarder des vieux films pendant mon temps libre. J’ai filmé le métro parce que c’est un lieu central de Berlin.

My name is Cosima. I am 16 years old and currently in 11th grade. I chose this course because I am very interested in movies and their education and like to watch old films in my free time. I filmed the subway because it is a central point of Berlin.


My name is Carla Boden, I`m 16 years old and I have a little dog called Tobi. The video shows a path where I always go for a walk with Tobi. For most of the people it looks like a normal forest path but for me it is a personal and very harmonic spot. I chose this video because of the fact that my dog always meets his friends there and it is funny to watch the different reactions from Tobi to other dogs.


Je m’appelle Julia et j’ai 16 ans. Je vais à l’école catholique Liebfrauen. Ma hobby est le ballet. Je suis un grand fan de films et de séries et c’est pourquoi je suis dans cette classe pour apprendre de nouvelles choses sur le cinéma.

J’ai choisi cette vidéo parce que je me sens connecté à la vidéo. Les bâtiments et les couleurs s’harmonisent bien les uns avec les autres. J’aime beaucoup les enfants et c’est pourquoi j’ai fait une vidéo car ils font des bulles et s’amusent.

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