Rule of the game


Rules of the game to pass on to students

We are all living in a unique moment, staying at home like this for whole days. But each of us experiences it differently, depending on where we are, with our own sensitivity.

We suggest you record these little moments of your daily life by reporting your sensations : difference between inside and outside, what we see and hear from his window, what we feel, the little ones details that we don’t usually pay attention to, what is new…
All of your personal sensations will compose a fantastic collective journal of the CCAJ, around the world!

With a smartphone, tablet, or other, everyone films a sensation of their daily life by shooting one or more shots in horizontal format, and preferably fixed, for a total duration of 2 minutes maximum.
You can add elements providing indications (film a written commentary, today’s date, a clock, etc.).
No music added, but « in » music is possible (the source of which is in the filmed space).

You send the elements to the filmmaker and/or your CCAJ teacher:
– either a file with the plans already placed end to end (in the order of shooting, no editing)
– or the different plans (without cutting, without retouching, without editing) specifying the order of shooting (plan 1: window view, plan 2: wind in the hair, etc.).
With a legend: first and last name of the author, date, time, place (city, town, neighborhood, living room or bedroom, etc.).

You can make one sensation video a day, it’s unlimited!

Important: teachers, speakers, coordinators will also send us their plans!

For the filmmaker and / or the teacher

– Once the elements have been received, the filmmaker/ teacher assembles the plans in the order indicated by the student (one after the other, as it was shooted) without adding anything on his own initiative (no cardboard, no fade, no effect).
– You export one file per student, making sure to respect the format and the original frame rate. • You submit all or (preferably) a selection of the videos produced in the CCAJ box, as well as a Word document specifying the establishment and name of the file, as well as the information sent by the student:
– the author (first name, last name)
– a notion of time (date, time, day of the week, day or night)
– place (name of the town or village, district, living room or bedroom, etc.).

Last step, general coordination

CCAJ’s team uploads the videos as they go along: on a dedicated blog page with the comments listed by the speaker or teacher.

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