Rules of the game


1. Paying attention to everyday sensations – Individual Exercise
Choose something from your everyday life and, using sound and images, describe the sensations that it creates in you. For example, you may choose an element of a journey that you make every day as you go from home to school : things such as a set of traffic lights, the town square, a wall, a door, or perhaps a tree or an animal – that sort of thing. (no music, no speech).
2 mins length max.

2. The creation of sensation from different senses – Exercise for Small Groups
Identify a space to explore. Each group then chooses a sense (sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste, coenesthesia) to interpret it and bring it to life by using sounds and images.
The use of music and speech are allowed in this exercise.
In each group the first shot is taken by one student, the camera is then passed on to another student and they take a shot in the manner that they wish, it’s then passed on to another until everyone in the group has had a turn. Before filming their shot, the students are only allowed to see ONLY the shot that comes before theirs.
Each sense should last a max of 2 mins.

3. Sensation and Music – An exercise for large or small groups
The teacher or filmmaker chooses a piece of music (no songs, instrumentals only). They imagine a rule of game so that the students then make a film in response to the sensations that they experience in listening to the music.
2 mins length max.


This year the group film will have a free but mixed form – it can cross the borders between documentary, experimental and fiction filmmaking. Ideally it will be made of elements from two of these three forms.

The sensations will not be expressed by dialogue, but by the choice of location, framing, sound, rhythm, light, materials and other factors.

Each film will feature:
Sensations as perceived by a person (or persons)
– Sensations which are disconnected from the people on the screen but which relate directly to the viewer.

10 mins max (including titles)


The blog will be live from the start of October 2019.
The blog works at its best when students take the opportunity to upload their content to it. It’s a special moment that allows the groups across the project to get know each other before they meet in June at the Cinémathèque. It also gives parents an opportunity to experience more of the cinematic adventure that their children are developing.
Each group is invited to post photos and videos showing their world and how they’re progressing throughout the course of the year.
You can write in your own language, but please provide a French or English translation.
For a first post please make a post which presents your group, and the location you work in before the end of October 2019.
If you wanted to keep a journal or other way of detailing the different sensations you’ve discovered through the project, please feel free to share it with the blog.

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