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Shooting / Tournage

On April 24-27, we shot the footage for our film on different locations in Frankfurt.

Niki and Philip

Niki and Philip

Niki: I did sound recordings and was a supporting actor. I thought it was great and it was fun.

Philip: I was responsible for the sound, was a supporting actor and helped with the camera perspective. I think the filming was good and it was fun.

Zaineb, Tom G., Madita, Lejla, Cristina (filmmaker), Anton, Tom K., Aléx

Zaineb, Tom G., Madita, Lejla, Cristina (filmmaker), Anton, Tom K., Aléx

Tom G.: I was an actor. I found the project and the shooting interesting. What I will remember above all is how often you have to shoot individual scenes.

Zaineb: I was an actor. I liked the scenes at Ostbahnhof (Eastern train station) with the dog and on the other side of the bridge best.

Aléx: My job on the shoot was acting. A lot happened and it was two very nice days.

Lejla: I took care of the sound. I especially liked that we also had animals in the film.

Anton: I was a cameraman. We got along well on the two days of shooting and worked productively.

Uma, Yara, Ilenia, Hanne

Uma, Yara, Ilenia, Hanne

Yara: I played the person who lost her key. I liked the scene with the turtle best.

Ilenia: I was the girlfriend of the person who lost the key. The scene I liked the most was when we sat together on the bench and took pictures all the time.



Lucia: In the movie, I play the person named Angel, who has to tell the others something important. My favorite scene was when I rode my bike with the others, even though it hurt afterwards.



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Bonjour de Francfort, Allemagne

Dans le cinéma du DFF – Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum à Francfort

Hello everybody!

We are 7 students from the 9th grade (14 years old) and 9 students from the 10th grade (15 years old) and have the project CCAJ in the « Praxistag », a project course. Our school is located in the center of Frankfurt near the zoo.

Because of the current Corona situation, we are unfortunately not allowed to come together from different grades, so we alternate weekly with the course.

In the last weeks we have met the filmmaker Cristina Diz Muñoz, who has shown us many film clips and done practical exercises on perception with us. Our teacher Christian Dirksen often offers film practical courses at the school. In addition, Sophie Erichsen from the DFF – Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum is also in the course every week.

In October we have been to the Film Museum and the cinema there and have seen Truffaut’s « Les 100 Coups ».

We are looking forward to the film exercises and are excited to see more film clips.

Many greetings from Frankfurt!


Bonjour à tou(te)s !

Nous sommes 7 élèves de la 9e année (14 ans) et 9 élèves de la 10e année (15 ans) et nous suivons le projet CCAJ dans le « Praxistag », un cours de projet. Notre école est située au milieu du centre-ville de Francfort, près du zoo.

En raison de la situation actuelle, nous ne sommes malheureusement pas autorisés à réunir des élèves de différents niveaux, c’est pourquoi nous alternons chaque semaine avec le cours.

Ces dernières semaines, nous avons rencontré la cinéaste Cristina Diz, qui nous a montré des extraits de films et a fait avec nous des exercices pratiques sur la perception. Notre professeur Christian Dirksen propose souvent des cours pratiques de cinéma à l’école. En outre, Sophie Erichsen du DFF – Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum (Institut allemand du film et musée du film) participe également au cours chaque semaine.

Nous sommes aussi allés au Musée du film et au cinéma et nous avons vu « Les 100 coups » de Truffaut.

Nous sommes impatients de voir les exercices de cinéma et de continuer à regarder d’autres extraits de films.

Beaucoup de salutations de Francfort !


Nous sommes les élèves de 9e année avec notre professeur Christian Dirksen et la cinéaste Cristina Diz.

Apprendre à se connaître et faire des exercices à l’extérieur en septembre

Au Musée du film

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