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Tournage et Post-production

Shooting day 1

On the first day of shooting we met quite early. Although it was our first day and everything was brand new and exciting, we couldn’t waste any time because in the evening all the scenes had to be ready except for the campfire shot. We were all still totally inexperienced in filming and, with the initial support of our teachers, gradually learned how to use a professional camera and sound recording equipment. We were able to put ourselves more and more into the everyday life of a real director and his film team, when we needed endless time even for short and insignificant scenes to finally have the finished perfect product. Reciting the same lines over and over again, performing the same camera movements and for example hearing the phrase: « Scene 4, attempt 34 » eventually became totally normal for all of us.
We scoured the nearby surroundings on our bicycles for suitable backdrops, totally forgot to eat anything during all the effort and thus became more and more tired and silly. Despite all this, you could see how we grew together over the day into an almost professionally rehearsed team: Rosa and Clara as talented actors, Basti as sound man, Valentin, Sammy-Jo and Lotta alternately with the camera and Vitus and Juliette as directors. Throughout the shooting we all switched tasks, that everyone could experience the different sides of filmmaking. The last scene in the late evening, which Rosa, Vitus and Lotta took over, finally ended in a sleet storm.  Lotta


Jouer un rôle

A few days before we started filming we had already practised some scenes. Nonetheless it was much more difficult to play them in front of the camera since we had to think of an authentic dialog and act more precisely and realistically. We often had to shoot scenes several times, especially the scene in which Elisa and Magdalena are arguing and each time it got harder to stay focused. As we got more and more tired it got harder and harder not to laugh. The last scene was also a big challenge for us personally because it shows so many different emotions in one take. But despite all the challenges, it was a lot of fun. Rosa und Clara


At first, I thought about 4 chords, which were cheerful and full of tension. After choosing these chords, I composed a simple melody with an increasing pace. The swelling music should emphasize the rhythm change in the film.  Sebastian

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Recherche d’emplacement

Chemin forestier

To find memorable locations, I took my bike and went through different areas in the woods. After about one hour of searching, I recognized a little lake with a lot of reeds, which seemed mystical and exciting.
Besides the lake, I found many memorable paths where the forest was very dense and the trees looked engrossing.  Sebastian

Escalier de ville

In the process of deciding for a story we went to search for possible filming spots. These fotos show our collection of photos of stairs we searched for all over Berlin. Those stairs represented a possibility to show time in the sense of showing dynamic between two people, one upstairs and the other downstairs. (dynamic tension). Though we didn’t use them in the end, they do show the progress we made, ditching and accepting ideas.  Elena

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Présentation Katholische Schule Liebfrauen Berlin

1er jour d’école


Je m´appelle Clara, j´ai 16 ans et j´habite à berlin. J´aime dessiner et chanter et bien sur je suis aussi intéressé par le film. J´ai toujours aimé les compositions et les couleurs des films Disney, et c´est pourquoi je pourrais vouloir y travailler plus tard.


Bonjour mes amis!
Mon nom est Elena, j‘ai 16 ans et je vis à Berlin. En moment j‘apprends le japonais et dans le futur proche je voulerais y travailler. Grâce à ma mère qui vient de l‘Italie je parle ça langue courrament.
Je m‘interesse pour l‘art de film, parce que je rêve d‘aider au montage d‘un film réel et de
developper un idée pour le sujet de cette année..


Je m ‘appelle Ida et j’ai 16 ans.
Et je suis très intéressé par le cours de cinéma, car il offre une excellente occasion d’avoir une idée de la conception des décors. Aussi le jeu d’acteur est particulièrement intéressant pour moi.


Je m’appelle Lotta et j’ai 16 ans.
J’aime l’art, ce qui signifie : La peinture, écrire des histoires, écouter de la musique et jouer la comédie. J’aime aussi lire, passer du temps avec des amis et voyager.
J’ai suivi le cours de cinéma parce que j’adore jouer la comédie et que je m’intéresse aussi au montage et à la production de films en général!



My name is Samantha-Josephine Wibbeke, I am 16 years old and live in Berlin. In my free time I like to read and often I do something with my dog. I wanted to go to this course because I love to take photos and generally want to learn more about the camera and how a film is shot. I love movies, especially science fiction and fanatsy movies, so I am also interested in how to add special effects to the movie.


My name is Sarah and I am 16 years old. I really like to express myself in different forms of art and a lot of movies inspired and helped me with that. Because movies are a form of art as well, I am really interested in them and like to watch and talk about them.


Salut je m‘appelle Sebastian, j‘ ai 16 ans et je suis en onzième. Pendant mes loisirs, je joue au tennis et du piano. En hiver j‘aime bien faire du snowboard et du ski. J‘adore le cinéma et à cause de cela j’ai choisi le cours de film en école.


Hello, my name is Valentin and I am sixteen years old.
I am very interested in acting and cutting.
My brother and me already cutted some short-films, which are about our trekking tours.
In my free time i do rowing and teach some kids in rowing.


Hi, my name is Vitus. I am seventeen years old and I chose this course in the interest of learning something about making films. I am particularly enthusiastic about editing and camerawork. In my free time I like playing tennis and going out with friends.


Salut, je m’appelle Juliette, j’ai 17 ans et j’habite à Berlin et suis franco-allemande. Je m’intéresse beaucoup a l’art, la musique, le cinema et les séries. J’aime aussi beaucoup passer du temps avec mes amis. Plus tard, je ne sais pas encore ce que j’aimerai faire mais je sais que j’aimerais beaucoup voyager.


Heyy. My name is Kira. I am 15 years old and I am from Berlin. I love singing, swimming, meeting friends and I am also interested in taking photos and filming short videos. The fact that I would love to try acting is the reason I entered this course.

Qianxun Hao: I am a student from China. I am currently studying in grade 11 at Katholische Schule Liebfrauen in Berlin, Germany. My hobbies are painting and reading. Although I don’t know French, you are welcome to use English to communicate with me.


Le groupe aujourd’hui

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