Rules of the game


1st exercise

Filming in a single long-term shot (a shot that lasts a long time) – 2′ max (= 3 shots of 2’ maximum each, unrelated)
1. a record of time (recording the continuity of an action, the imprint of time)
2. a dynamic tension linked to the duration of the shot (a device put in place, which the filmmaker is not in control of)
3. a physical/plastical transformation in the shot.
Each of these exercises can be done individually (out of class) or in groups during the workshop.
Ideally, the time capture exercise will be individual, and the other exercises will be carried out in groups.

2nd exercise

Film the same action / situation in 2 different ways: on the one hand in a single sequence shot (a non-cut shot in which an action/situation is developped), on the other hand by cutting and editing the shots.
In this exercise, sound must play an important role.
(The place, movements and any dialogues must be the same, only the actors can be different).
3’ max for each version (but it can be shorter !)


Making a film that mixes « telling and showing« .
Particular attention will be paid to the rhythm of the film, including one or more changes of pace.
Sometimes, the scenario of the film will be set aside so that a character (or the spectator) will experience the sensation of time passing.
(10 minutes max without the credits)


Accessible from 10 November 2020.
Participation in the blog is part of the CCAJ’s rules of the game.
It is a precious opportunity for students to get to know each other and exchange ideas around the world, before the June Meetings at La Cinémathèque.
It also allows parents to find out more about their children’s cinema adventure.
It encourages communication between students who can hardly meet each other, even at a regional level at the present time.
The blog is run by the students themselves, if possible. It’s their comments, posted by them, or relayed by adults if necessary.
Throughout the year, each workshop reports on its progress, posting commented photographs (location spotting, filming, etc.), photograms, reactions to the posts of others, etc.
Everyone can write in his or her own language, but please also translate into French or English (at least part of the post).

In the first place:

Before the 15 of December 2020, each workshop must post a presentation of the group, and of the place where the workshop takes place (room, school, village or town, etc).
This year, at each workshop session, a photo can be taken through the window (with the same frame), to record, over the months, the evolution of the light and the passing of the seasons, which are different from one place to another.

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