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Notre lycée

Notre établissement scolaire est un lycée spécialicé en arts. On y propose même plusieurs cours sur le cinéma dont est l’atelier du Cinéma, cent ans de jeunesse.

Pour vous faire une idée de notre lycée, allez voir les publications en ligne (en finnois ;) ) :

On y voit même le groupe du CCAJ de l’année dernière!


Plus d’information de notre lycée (en anglais):


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Making of – les exercices

Escrime 1 Cache-cache 2 Cahche-cache 1 Escrime 2

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Excercice n°2


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About our neighbourhood

Our movie-course lessons are held in an old working-class part of the town, Kallio. The studio and editing rooms are in the second floor of an old police station which is now used as a secondary high school and referred to as Taidetalo (House of Arts). We share the building with the upper secondary high school of Kallio which is focused on articulacy, music, dancing and acting.

In the same building there also are classrooms for photographing and darkrooms for black and white developing in the jail cells of the basement. There are also atelier rooms for sculpture making, graphic arts, ceramics and painting classes.

Our main school building is a few hundred meters away, but because of repairs, it is now relocated to Haaga, which is about six miles away.

Henry Lång
Photos Jani Luoma, Siiri Kivimäki

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Greetings from Helsinki!

We are a group of art students with different backgrounds and ages from Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Visual Arts. We all share the same passion for movies. We might be silent (like Finns usually are) but all of us are excited and eager to be a part of this project which is led by our teacher (Katja Särkkä) and a movie director (Saara Saarela).
Ida Puustinen, Iida Elstelä, Mirella Partanen

Photos are taken by a collaborator, French teacher/film maker Thomas Lavorel, who was visiting our school with a group of French upper secondary school students in October.

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Lumière one minute films

We were filming one minute films about weather and atmosphere. It was challenging since during this time of year the weather doesn’t change much. But the whole process was still fun for we hadn’t done anything like this before. It made us realize how much the weather affects our daily lives.
Suweyda Hussein, Saara Leino

Titre: Les mouettes (Lokit)
Auteur: Henry Lång
Age: 17
Lieu: Le ferry à Suomenlinna, Helsinki
Date: 6.10.2015 à 14h49

Titre: Un moment tranquille (Kiireettömyys)
Auteur: Iida Elstelä
Age: 18
Lieu: L’île de Suomenlinna, Helsinki
Date: 6.10.2015 à 15h00

Titre: L’automne arrive à Helsinki (Syksy saapuu Helsinkiin)
Auteur: Ida Puustinen
Age: 17
Lieu: Lasipalatsi/Elielinaukio, Helsinki, centre ville
Date: 5.10.2015 à 18h00

Titre: Le minuit sec à Annankatu (Kuiva keskiyö Annankadulla)
Auteur: Jani Luoma
Age: 18
Lieu: Annankatu/Uudenmaankatu, Punavuori, Helsinki
Date: 3.10.2015 à minuit

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