Rules of the game

To help you in the making of your exercises and final films we’ll identify key clips from the clip list according to their place in the typology.  These key clips should be seen by all participants on the project, depending on their age.  The clips will be available on-line.

The exercises and film should be shot in locations other than school environments.  If you’re constrained to filming only on school grounds and not able to get out to other spaces, you must find lesser known school spaces and avoid class rooms, playground spaces etc. when filming the exercises.


Every participant taking part in the project must take part in exercise one.  If you’re struggling for time to deliver all three exercises with your students, exercise 2 & 3 can be made by different groups.

  1. This exercise is to be performed individually or in pairs, outside of school hours if possible: Share a Place with us that is important to you.  Take 3 or 4 photos, or between 1 & 4 shots of the space (2 minutes maximum).  Try to find ways to convey the sensation that this Place creates.  The space should not have any fictional characters in it.

  1. To be performed by a small group: Choose a location and film how you enter in to this Place. Film the space before it is entered in to and the moment it is entered in to.  The film must last a maximum of 2 minutes.   If possible the location chosen should be one of the Places identified in exercise 1.

  1. To be performed by a small group: Film a Place and introduce an element of another time, whether that be the past or the future. This will be mainly, but not exclusively, indicated by the soundtrack, through voice, sounds and music.  The sound and the images don’t have to be synchronous.  The film must last a maximum of 2 minutes.


Make a film where a character brings another character, or characters, into a Place that they know.  The discovery of this place must be linked to an emotional or dramatically significant response for one of the characters. The work explored in the exercises should inform the way that the Place is filmed. The film, including credits, will be between 5 – 10 minutes maximum.   


We request that every group takes part in the blog.

Before the end of October : Each group should provide a series of photos to introduce them to the others on the project. These should include – their school, their workspace, the group themselves, the places they’ve chosen to work with this year.

Throughout the Year :
• Photos with notes detailing how you’ve approached the exercises.
• What film clips you’ve seen throughout the course of the year – with screen shots and notes if possible.
• Annotated photos from the shooting of the Group Film.
• All other ideas are most welcome!

Photographs and Paintings of Places : Choose images, brought together in categories and imagine stories that have taken place – or will take place in this Place; give them a title; imagine a sound track for the images – narrative sounds or atmospheric noises.

Other suggestions : Visit the location of a film that you’ve seen, and take photos there. Imagine all the different perspectives that a Place may offer, what perspectives would all the different people who frequent the space have?  Imagine how would that change according to the people, the time of day etc…

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