Rules of the game

No screen based representations of playing, such as on phones, should be used in this project.

If time is too short for all of the students to deliver all of the exercises, you can have one group of students work on exercise 2, and another on exercise 3.

Exercise 1 must be performed by all participants. Choose a game or an aspect of play that you like. Film it in a documentary manner, using 1 shot, from a fixed camera position, lasting a maximum of 2 minutes. This game / play can be played by one or more children, or even adults. It can be a whole game or just a moment. Show us the play in operation. If possible film this exercise in a space away from your school establishment.

Make a film out of this short scenario: two children are thrown out of class by their teacher. They are put into a small space. However, the children make a game out of what they find there. Their bodies, the space and the objects in that space all play a part in the film. The film should last up to 2 minutes, and can be shot in a long take, or edited, according to the participants’ preference.

Exercise to be performed in small groups. Film a character who becomes disorientated during play. The character loose the sensation of space, time and balance. Film both the character and a representation of the sensations that they are experiencing. The film should last up to 2 minutes and should be edited.

Make a short film where the story is interrupted at a certain moment, when a character, or characters, find their freedom through playing, which allows them to escape from the confines of their every-day reality. In making this film you should seek inspiration from the film clips and work around space, improvisation, use of objects, physical sensations, whilst paying close attention to framing and shooting the shots, camera movement, sound and music, and editing. This film, including titles, should be between 5-10 minutes long.

Before the end of October:
. Each group should provide a series of photos to introduce them to the others on the project. These should include – their school, their workspace, the group themselves, some of their favourite games.

Throughout the Year:
•    Photos with notes detailing how you’ve approached the exercises.
•    What film clips you’ve seen throughout the course of the year, with screen shots and notes if possible.
•    Photos of the shooting of the Group Film.
•    All other ideas are most welcome !


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